Cottage Co. Paint

A low voc premium latex furniture paint in eggshell finish. 

Designing our own paint line was so exciting because it is so personal to us. After all, we have been painting furniture for nearly 20 years. We chose the shades in our tried and true finish and had fun naming each one. Paint is our number one tool in transforming furniture. With 13 great colors, hopefully this will make it easy for those who don't want so many options and would like to simplify the process. Manufactured by NW-owned Miller Paint Company.


  1. Cottage White: our original creamy white that we've used for nearly twenty years

  2. Gazebo: a brighter more true white

  3. Baby Deer: darker cream antique

  4. Oregon Sky: our tried and true perfect grey

  5. Rainy days: pale bluish green

  6. Succulent: an olive green

  7. Summer Room: pale light yellow

  8. Mia Belle: perfect pale pink

  9. McCord Road: dark teal

  10. Front Porch: a great barn red

  11. Chalkboard: dark charcoal grey

  12. Coffee bar: classic black

  13. Noah's Navy: a true classic navy 


  • Premium latex furniture paint is durable.

  • Does not require a finish or topcoat

  • No fussy techniques necessary!

  • Dries quickly

  • Easy to touch up

  • TIPS:
  • The finish will only look as good as the surface you start with. Prep, prep, prep!

  • In most cases you can start and finish an entire piece (one coat primer, two coats paint) all in one day.

$26 each